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Chloe Corriveau is a multidisciplinary designer based in Los Angeles.

Hello! I'm Chloe. I received a BDes from University of Washington’s Visual Communication Design program in 2019 with a minor in Art History. While pursuing my degree, I was a freelance graphic designer, experiential designer, and photographer in the Seattle music and arts scene. 

Currently, I'm residing in Los Angeles and work as a multi-disciplinary designer under creative director Matthew Goldman at MFG Creative Company where we've worked with clients such as Universal, Warner Brothers, Ozzy Osbourne & Epic Records, Whitelist Studio, and Good RX. I take on a variety of design roles at MFG working in experiential, digital, print, motion, branding, and web based mediums. l always take pride in pursuing design work in areas I'm passionate about such as music, art, culture, entertainment, and film. It's very important to me that I immerse myself in opportunities that cater to these passions and allow me to transform as a designer. 

If you're still curious about who I am, check out my resume or my personal instagram


Creative Direction, Concept Development, Branding & Identity, Logotypes, Merch Design, Editorial Design, Packaging Design, Web Design, Social Content Curation, Content Creation, Print Collateral, Experiential Activations, Wayfinding, Environmental Design, Exhibition Design, Photography


I'm currently based in Los Angeles, CA and open to any full-time or freelance opportunities. 

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